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The role of ethnicities, religions and sects in Iraq

The cultural, political and religious matrix which evolved from the ancient Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Persian, Arab and Ottoman civilisations, amongst others, helped to make the Arabs the dominant race amongst the population of modern-day Iraq, followed by the Kurds and the Turkmen. The...

The protests in Iraqi Kurdistan, and the injustices of the Kurdish parties against the Kurds

Over the past two weeks, the Kurdistan region has witnessed extremely tough times, a situation that is all too familiar to the Kurds of this country. The utter incompetence of the region’s officials, all of them from the top to the bottom; the endemic...

Will the Region Soon Witness Renewed Kurdish in-Fighting?

Will the region soon witness renewed Kurdish in-fighting as a result of the recent incursions by Turkey? The recent airstrikes by Turkish warplanes against Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) positions in the Zeni Warte area coincided with the Kurdistan regional government's deployment of Peshmerga forces to...

Following the latest American bombing of targets in Iraq

What are the prospects of Baghdad hauling the US administration before the United Nations? Several days ago, Iraq’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its disavowal and condemnation of the latest in a series of violations of Iraq’s sovereignty by US forces in their bombing of...

Muhammad Allawi’s government and international and regional pressures

 Will Muhammad Allawi’s Government be hammered on the anvil of US pressure because of its possible rapprochement with Iran? Although the efforts by Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi, the new Iraqi Prime Minister, to form a functioning government have so far been hampered, his negotiations with the...

Iraq in the face of the Coronavirus

Man, who several centuries ago had imagined that the discovery of scientific laws would give him undisputed mastery over nature and with it lay bare all the secrets and mysteries of the world, today finds his life threatened by a dangerous virus, namely the...

America Needs the Oil Market in the Middle East -Iraq is the second exporter in OPEC

Many say that in the long run, the US will need the oil of the Middle East to compensate for the depletion of crude oil reserves in its production centers. In contrast, the current volume of its consumption and its need for Middle East...

Will the US Impose Sanctions on Iraq?

US President Donald Trump has threatened to impose severe sanctions on Baghdad in response to the Iraqi parliament’s decision to remove US forces from Iraqi territory. According to the Washington Post reports, Trump said: “We will withdraw our forces from Iraq, but Iraq must...

Iran’s perspective on Turkey’s offensive in Syria

During the past few days, Turkish forces have penetrated deep into Syrian territory, east of the Euphrates River, attacking Kurdish fighters, despite the US presence there. There is no miscalculation on the part of Turkey, since it is has become clear that the Americans...

Turkey’s dangerous dam project will result in another water war

Throughout history, lakes and rivers have given rise to civilizations along their banks or near to their shores. In today’s world, boundaries between nations have been drawn based on political treaties or as a result of conflicts and wars which determined the present political...