Publication Guidelines

Terms and conditions for publication by Al Bayan Centre for Planning and Studies

Al-Bayan Centre is pleased to receive requests to publish your research and studies which comply with the writing and publishing standards specified below.

All material submitted to the Centre will be evaluated and proofread by the relevant departments within the Centre. Material submitted to the Centre will be returned and the researcher asked to approve the amendments made in line with the Centre’s policy. If approved, the material will be posted on the Centre’s website, and if appropriate, will also be printed. Research material may be submitted in both Arabic and English, and in both cases, will be translated after being accepted for publication.

Material of interest to the Centre:

– Studies of general interest to Iraq.

– Arab studies, more particularly, Gulf ones.

– Concerning the Middle East and the region.

– Studies relating to international issues and foreign policy.

The conditions which researchers and authors must meet before submitting their material for publication by the Centre-

First: Articles

Articles are one type of material published on the Centre’s website and must be of high quality and contain the most up to date information if dealing with political, economic, social and cultural issues. They should rely on distinct and properly referenced views. The word count should be between 450 and 1200 words excluding footnotes and references, and contain the full name of the researcher or writer, place of work and academic qualification.

Second: Research papers

This material is often linked to academic journals. They are published on the Centre’s website, as well as being printed. It is important that these papers be based on an authentic research effort and constitute a new and unique contribution to the field of knowledge, so as to provide decision-makers with the right vision and information. These papers should comply fully with the fundamental principles of scientific research work. Authors and writers need not be neutral or claim impartiality in the issues they raise; but they must render their views and opinions with methodical objectivity, relying on scientific research methods. Studies must be carefully prepared and well documented. The research paper being submitted should include:

– An Abstract of about 250 to 300 words.

– An introduction to the study of not less than one page.

– Analysis, results and conclusions.

– Word Count: 6,000 to 12,000 words, including footnotes, margins and references; such that the research paper is between 25 to 30 pages long.

– Tables, statistics and maps – if any – should be presented in a manner that is consistent with the style of the research paper, and be clearly set out.

Third: Policy Papers

These papers deal with cultural, economic, political, social, and other related fields, providing decision makers with practical solutions when faced with a specific issue. They are published on the Centre’s website, as well as being printed. These papers must be original and thoroughly researched, and contain accurate information. They should provide a new contribution to national general policy-making. Such policy papers must conform with the best principles of research work. It is incumbent upon authors and writers to render their views and opinions with methodical objectivity by relying on scientific research methods. It goes without saying that studies should be meticulously prepared and sources well-documented. The policy paper being submitted should include the following:

–  A summary in both Arabic and English of between 250 to 300 words.

– An introduction to the study of not less than two pages.

– Word Count of between 12000 to 20000 words, running to between 35 to 60 pages.

– Analysis, findings, conclusions, and recommendations.

– A detailed index.


– Al Bayan Centre for Planning and Studies does not accept any research papers, articles or studies that have been published by other centres or on other sites prior to the date of publication by the Centre.  Should the researcher or writer wish to have his research published on other sites, he will be required to refer to our Centre as the primary source of research.

– When communicating with the Centre and requesting the publication of a study, research paper or a particular article, please send the researcher’s curriculum vitae as well an example of any previous research, to allow the Centre the opportunity to review matters and respond.

– Not all material sent to Centre will be published.