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Iran and the United States address the United Nations General Assembly

Almost three weeks ago, on 18thSeptember,in New York, the United Nations General Assembly’s session began amid political developments surrounding the Iranian scene, where there have been significant changes since last year regarding the Iranian issue, especially America’s focus on the need to confront Iranian...

Electricity generation in Iraq … Problems and solutions

Introduction Meeting energy needs in a manner that achieves security for Iraq has become a major source of concern for the electricity sector in the country; with the industry claiming that it lacks the capacity to meet current peak demand, especially with production running at...

Iranian Economy following the Withdrawal of the United States from the Nuclear Deal

As the 40th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran and the overthrow of the monarchy in 1979 approaches, Iranians will face the beginnings of a new economic era, as the U.S imposed sanctions on Iranian economy  on August 6, 2018....

Assessing Iran’s intentions regarding the closure of the Strait of Hormuz

The embargo to be placed on the export of Iranian oil has elicited different reactions from countries that are hostile to Tehran and those which maintain relations with it; a matter that carries with it serious implications for trade in the Middle East and...

The Role Of Resources, Economics And Energy In The Increasingly Fierce Rivalry Between Iran And Saudi Arabia

Summary Neoliberal thinking provides a broad-spectrum interpretation of the role of resources in regional rivalries, and issues such as identity, energy and water resources are considered legitimate reasons for rivalry in international politics. Strategists argue that in the years following the Cold War, there was...

Can a resurgent Iranian economy entice Gulf investors?

Introduction The Iranian economy is one of the most diversified economies in the Middle East. Iran is one of the few countries in the region with a truly diversified export base, exporting all categories of product, as classified by the International Monetary Fund. The efforts by...

The Sultanate of Oman and its policy of neutrality towards Iran

Introduction Omani-Iranian relations have always followed a path of positive neutrality on many sensitive issues in the Gulf region. The Muscat-Tehran alliance should be understood within the context of Oman's independent approach to foreign policy matters, led by Sultan Qaboos bin Said, who since taking...

Iraq’s Water Crisis Challenges and Solutions

For several years now, the Middle East, and particularly Iraq, has been suffering from a dire water crisis, compounded by the decrease in water quantities from rivers flowing from upstream to downstream countries. Iraq has been severely affected by this; as there are no...

Report: Iraq gas imports from Iran exceed 1.2 billion cubic meters

Iraq began importing gas from Iran in late June 2017 from the oil refinery at Shahr. Iraq has so far - as the most recent buyer of Iranian gas – imported 1.2 billion cubic meters of gas through Iran’s pipeline to Baghdad; thus, Iraq...