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Will the Region Soon Witness Renewed Kurdish in-Fighting?

Will the region soon witness renewed Kurdish in-fighting as a result of the recent incursions by Turkey? The recent airstrikes by Turkish warplanes against Kurdistan...

The Pursuit of Self-Determination by Iraqi Kurds and Regional Security Implications

Abstract In September 2017, a dispute emerged over the Kurdistan Region of Iraq’s desire to hold a referendum on its independence from Iraq. The Kurds...

The debate over Iraqi Kurdistan’s share of the federal budget

Ahmed Tabaqchali Introduction The current debate over the interpretation of the 2019 budget that governs the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) share of the federal budget in...

Election of Kurdistan Parliament

The 2005 Iraqi Constitution granted the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) a package of legislative and executive powers. Kurdistan Parliament enjoys legislative power to enact...

The Obstacles Facing Kurdistan’s Independence from Iraq

A number of vital matters stand as obstacles to the independence of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, the most important being the internal Kurdish...