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Voter Turnout

  Despite some individual calls for boycotting the upcoming election on May 12, 2018, there are several institutional, political, and socio-economic factors that will motivate...

Electoral competition in Iraq: Addressing the pros and cons

Each electoral cycle, thousands of people in Iraq, including those with little chance of winning, announce their candidacy to run in the elections. 9043...

Addressing Performance of Provincial Councils Through Electoral Reform

The electoral system of provincial councils is based on proportional system, which enables many parties to win seats in proportion to their vote share,...

Reforming the Electoral System in Iraq: A Detailed Assessment

The electoral system in Iraq has become a controversial issue that has driven demonstrators to call for major reforms to the electoral commission and...

The British General Election 2017: Impacts on the Middle East

On the 18th April 2017, during a time of uncertainty in contemporary British history, the Prime Minister Theresa May announced that a snap election...

Polls and Policy – examining the US Presidential Election

On November 8th, US Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will hope more than a year on the campaign trail – full of...