On 27th May 2021, Security Council resolution No.2576 renewed the mandate of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) to strengthen the electoral support role of the mission; The resolution requires UNAMI to “provide the enhanced, robust and visible United Nations team with additional personnel”; “For Election Day Watch in Iraq… And continue to help with it… and report to the Secretary-General on its functioning”. UNITA has been directed to provide logistical and security support to international and regional electoral observers and to launch a strategic message campaign on electoral preparations and United Nations action in support of the Iraqi people; Dedicated devotion to the Governments that have deliberated the country’s administration since 2005; supporting it through the ballot box for multiple times, and vote on the country’s permanent constitution (despite all the obstacles it has encountered that need to be reformed). The bitterness Iraqi people felt in conflicts, the growing number of victims, and the patience during crises, and eventually led to the neglect of their guardians; like screaming in vain in a big deep valley; those screams might be strong enough tomorrow to take the rights. as in October 2019, there was a movement against (high levels of unemployment, deteriorating security and stability, and the Government’s inability to provide basic services such as water and electricity); This forced the authorities to use force to contain this impulse with various measures. (Acceptable and unacceptable) to eventually result in the resignation of the government and bring in an interim government working on early elections in accordance with a new election law that promised people to change through the ballot box, which is a crossroads that needs a careful reading of the scenes and how the money will be on the eve of election night, as this paper will conduct.