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Iraqi Society and the Complexities of Federalism

Dr. Sahar Harbi Abdul-Amir/ Senior Political Adviser at the Iraqi Ministry of Education.          The choice of the system of government in any country must...

The power equation between terrorism and the state in Iraq

Prof. Sajid Ahmad Al-Rikabi / College of Law / University of Basra. It is an equation that keeps repeating its scenes amid the international war...

Federalism, Is it suitable for Syria?

Aqeel Saeed Mahfouz Syrians, or a large portion of them, consider federalism as if it is “interference other countries” in the affairs of their country,...

Political opposition (how should it be?)

Dr. Adnan Sabeeh Thamer There have been debates about the political opposition since the last parliamentary session (2018), in which the National Wisdom Movement, led...

Policy management: How does Iraq turn into an effective state in the region?

How can Iraq turn into an effective state in the region, and what are the necessary requirements, and the existing or potential constraints, at...

Conscription into Iraq… Problem or solution?

The establishment of the Iraqi army was preceded by the official establishment of Iraq. The regiment of Imam Musa Al-Kazim, the core of the...