Dr. Adnan Sabeeh Thamer

There have been debates about the political opposition since the last parliamentary session (2018), in which the National Wisdom Movement, led by Ammar Al-Hakim, announced as the first force that explicitly indicated that it would choose the political opposition within Parliament, and promote a program that it believed was different from the government’s program, but that was not very clear. It can be believed by all parties; For many reasons, the most important of which is the seriousness of the opposition party in choosing the opposition side; Especially since the opposition’s choice came after the formation of the government, and not before, in addition to the lack of mechanisms that are consistent with the political opposition in the democratic system, for example, the approach between the ruling blocs and the opposing party in terms of harmony with the theory of consensus and even entering into negotiations to form the government with the blocs that formed it, The dispute is only over certain details, including the personality of the prime minister, as they have indicated more than once.

In this electoral cycle (2021’s elections), a number of independent representatives and blocs who explicitly declared that they would turn to the opposition, and that announcement was before actually entering into the dialogues to form the government, and this is a gesture consistent with the democratic adaptation that believes that there is an approach to managing the state and an opposition approach, The opposing approach seeks to find loopholes in the authority through which to criticize it, trying to prove that its approach is the most appropriate way to administer governance.