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The Mixed Electoral System and The Chances of Its Implementation in Iraq

Abdulaziz Alawi Al-Issawi/ researcher specializing in electoral affairs and democracy studies. The mixed electoral system appeared after some countries resorted to mixing the two systems...

The New Political Equations for The Balances of Power

Firas Tariq Makiya/ Political Researcher The collapse of the totalitarian regime led to the collapse of the first Iraqi state (1921-2003) and was an official...

The Political Interests of Iraqi Youth: (Opinion Survey)

Ahmed Khudair Hussain/ Director of the Social Studies Department at Al-Bayan Center for Planning and Studies Executive Summary: The absence of youth, this essential and vital...

Political opposition (how should it be?)

Dr. Adnan Sabeeh Thamer There have been debates about the political opposition since the last parliamentary session (2018), in which the National Wisdom Movement, led...

The political knowledge of Iraqi youth. Survey Study

The crisis of political participation among young people depends upon the refusal to register in electoral regulations and vote in elections, it goes beyond...

The Impasse of Democracy Partisan Life and Political System in Iraq

It is not possible to talk about a democratic system in which power is transferred peacefully through the mechanism of elections by free vote,...