Alaa al-Hamdani/Iraqi researcher

The political conflict in Anbar Province is no longer hidden in the light of attempts to find a new political alternative from the secret to the open and the emergence of former political leaders in large mass forums to announce the emergence of a political alliance opposed to the current political trends in the province more than five years ago.

In May 2023, the city of Fallujah in Anbar province witnessed a political gathering of the United Anbar Alliance, in which former ministers including Rafi ‘al-Issawi, Qassem al-Fahdawi, Salman al-Jumaili and other political figures representing trends contrary to the ruling party in Anbar “progress.” A few days later, Jassim al-Asal, a deputy governor of Anbar, and a leader in a coalition that had advanced, held a similar rally in Fallujah, which was understood by followers as a response to the first rally.

It coincides with a wave of arrests and dismissals of leaders, officials, and managers affiliated with a party that has advanced in Anbar which prompted stakeholders and observers to talk about a clear decline in party power that might encourage its opponents to continue their struggle with it, which is becoming a zero-sum game with no grey area whose first goal is to end the partisan exclusivity in Anbar, There is also a desire to settle previous party accounts before the upcoming provincial council elections scheduled to take place before the end of this year.

The Falcons and compass redirection:

The Unified Anbar Alliance platforms began by promoting the words of conference participants understood as an attempt to influence the masses and steer the compass of their votes on Election Day towards alternatives other than an advance alliance, Alliance president Jamal Karbouli said: “Whoever says he is a master of Fallujah is wrong, no and a thousand no, no master of the masters, And you are free masters, “playing on the chord of tribal fanaticism by saying” my honorable cousins, Be sure no one can confiscate your history. and if the young people have ever progressed, make sure that this is merely an omission of time, ” He pointed out that his alliance project aimed to restore the rights looted. Al-Karbouli’s rhetoric included a clear challenge to the holders of power in Anbar and a promise that there would be a close political fight in the province to remove its current political class or achieve an acceptable amount of political balance.

Former Planning Minister Salman al-Jumaili broke with his usual calm and spoke that the Unified Anbar Alliance would be a tent for all free Iraqi patriots. criticizing the arrests of free voices in the province and the administrative penalties taken against officials with anti-party attitudes Noting that Anbar Province continues to suffer from authoritarian policies, He explained that his coalition opposed these policies, which led to isolation, silencing, confiscation of freedoms, land seizures and financial and administrative corruption.

Unified Anbar Alliance leader Faris al-Faris delivered an impassioned speech in which he recalled the enthusiasm of the clans that contributed to the liberation of Anbar from the control of the terrorist organization ISIS, attacking those he described as the “corrupt category” that had taken office and stolen the public money it had transferred to a spoil divided among its boys, heralding the imminent demise of injustice and the worst dark period.