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Tag: October protests

Emerging forces and electoral law: Options to avoid the Sainte-Laguë equation

Abdulaziz Aliwi Al-Essaawi: An academic specializing in electoral affairs. Introduction: Talking about electoral laws other than a proportional representation with the Sainte-Laguë mechanism is no longer...

Eight years coming without a Tishree protest? The fate of protests in Iraq

Adnan Sobeih Thamer/Researcher specializing in speech anthropology The protest movements in Iraq face the fate of their non-repetition, on both levels: the first is their...

The Political Interests of Iraqi Youth: (Opinion Survey)

Ahmed Khudair Hussain/ Director of the Social Studies Department at Al-Bayan Center for Planning and Studies Executive Summary: The absence of youth, this essential and vital...

Political opposition (how should it be?)

Dr. Adnan Sabeeh Thamer There have been debates about the political opposition since the last parliamentary session (2018), in which the National Wisdom Movement, led...

Manipulation methods and means of fraud threaten early elections

The upcoming legislative elections, scheduled to take place on 10th October 2021, are the most mysterious electoral experiment since the first elections in early...