The upcoming legislative elections, scheduled to take place on 10th October 2021, are the most mysterious electoral experiment since the first elections in early 2005, for several reasons relating to its new law, which has never been applied in Iraq, the conditions for the formation of the Independent High Electoral Commission, the political environment surrounding the electoral process, and the eyes of States and external actors that used to intervene in Iraqi elections, pushing their output in specific directions.
This ambiguity is compounded by fears of possible manipulation and fraud in the early election results, which some consider being the most important transition in the electoral experiment, accompanied by demonstrations and clashes between State-related parties and protesters, radical political changes, perhaps the most notable was the departure of a controversial Government, and the emergence of a more controversial Government in the light of the challenges it faces, including the extent to which it can achieve fair and satisfactory elections for Iraqis, and the acceptance of the international community, which insists on monitoring them.
As attention was drawn to the elections, their timing, and participation rate, concerns began to be raised about possible manipulation and fraud that might lead the election.

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