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Chances Of Holding Another Early Election After the Formation of The New Government

Abdulaziz Aliawi Al-Issawi – Researcher Introduction: There was no mention of the date of holding a second early election by any of the political leaders in...

Legislative elections in Iraq for 2021: Analytical study

Legislative elections were held in Iraq on their scheduled date on 10/10/2021, the fifth legislative elections after 2005, and the first early parliamentary elections;...

Manipulation methods and means of fraud threaten early elections

The upcoming legislative elections, scheduled to take place on 10th October 2021, are the most mysterious electoral experiment since the first elections in early...

October election… What if it runs on incomplete terms?

The government is working with determination to hold elections by the deadline of 10 October 2021, as a basic commitment, and the President of...

Will the upcoming Iraqi elections succeed in restoring citizen confidence in the political system?

The upcoming legislative elections in Iraq, to be held next October, constitute a critical event in Iraq's democratic process. We ask for the fate...

Addressing the boycott of Iraqi elections

Participation ratios are falling further from previous electoral entitlements in Iraq, which gives an indication that there is dissatisfaction on the part of most...