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Tag: Global warming

Dynamic shifts in the global energy market and their impact on oil-rent countries (Iraq)

Mohannad Ahmed Faraj / Imam Al-Kadhum University College. Several signs indicate that the global energy system has begun a process of transformation from total dependence...

The Iraqi economy and opportunities to shift towards renewable or alternative energies

Although Iraq has the fifth-largest proven oil reserves, it is estimated that oil reserves will last for another 80-85 years in the country. In...

Renewable energy and electricity policies in Iraq

Electricity plays an important role in the economic development of most economies in the world. Ensuring their availability and stability is a requirement for...

Deliberate environmental change in Iraq and its implications

The world is experiencing accelerated environmental changes, rising rates of pollution from human behavior, and Iraq is not far away from this global climate...

Climate refugees between international responsibility and environmental risks

The issues of climate change displacement have grown in recent years, and the identification and protection of those affected are still insufficient. Desertification, drought,...