The issues of climate change displacement have grown in recent years, and the identification and protection of those affected are still insufficient. Desertification, drought, hurricanes, floods, and other violent climate changes have steadily increased as a precursor to climate change, part of which occurs naturally as an environmental balance, mostly because of global warming and environmental pollution, a problem that affects all countries of the world, but developing countries are most affected by climate crises because their economic and political systems are so fragile. The United Nations had identified climate activity as one of the 2030 sustainable development goals, and several States had signed the Paris Agreement to take action to halt global temperature increases, but no decisive action had yet been taken despite some proposals for emission regulation or climate engineering policies; The procedure would also be costly; In the following lines, we will review the repercussions of the worsening of the problem of climate refugees in the Middle East and Africa, and then the reality of the international commitment to that central issue. Then we will address the challenges facing the problem of climate refugees, and finally, we will clarify the realistic recommendations available to address the problem of climate change and climate refugees.