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The Iranian nuclear option and its repercussion

First Ellias - Researcher  The arrival of IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi in Tehran on March 3 for discussions on Iran's nuclear program with Iranian...

Contemporary international law under current international changes

The fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the cold war marked a major turning point in the conduct of international law...

Climate refugees between international responsibility and environmental risks

The issues of climate change displacement have grown in recent years, and the identification and protection of those affected are still insufficient. Desertification, drought,...

Following the latest American bombing of targets in Iraq

What are the prospects of Baghdad hauling the US administration before the United Nations? Several days ago, Iraq’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its disavowal...

Iran and the United States address the United Nations General Assembly

Almost three weeks ago, on 18thSeptember,in New York, the United Nations General Assembly’s session began amid political developments surrounding the Iranian scene, where there...