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Farzad Ramezani Bonesh

a writer, senior researcher, and analyst focusing on the Middle East and South Asia. He has written research articles, short analyses, and journalistic pieces in both Persian and English for various centers.

British Approach in Iraq

Past Relationships Britain has realized the strategic importance of Iraq since the beginning of the 17th century, the history of relations between Iraq and Britain goes back to 1640, and the presence of the East India Company in Basra. In 1808, Britain appointed a consul...

Factors Affecting the Future of Iraq’s Soft Power

Golzar Aghaii-researcher Soft power and hard power (economic and military) are the main sources of governments’ power in international relations. The concept of soft power was first proposed by Joseph Nye. This type of power includes cultural, ideological, political, and artistic components, democratic values and human...

France’s Approach in Iraq

In general, the history of the relations between Mesopotamia and ancient France should be searched in the civilizational connections of the two regions in the previous millennium. However, the roots of diplomatic relations between Iraq and France go back to Christian missionaries in Basra...

UAE’s approach to Iraq

The relationship between the UAE and Iraq dates back to 1971, Iraq was one of the first countries that supported the independence of the United Arab Emirates during the reign of Ahmad Hassan al-Bakr. After strengthening relations during this period, the UAE tried to gain...

Turkey’s approach and important goals toward Iraq

After the independence of Iraq, relations between the country and Turkey (with 367 kilometers of the common land border) experienced ups and downs and various developments. Differences and cooperation between Iraq and Turkey have always existed after the First World War. Turkish foreign policy...

Russia’s goals and approach to Iraq

Soviet-Iraqi relations were established on September 9, 1944, severed in 1955, and rebuilt in July 1958. Cooperation between the two countries, despite some ups and downs, was generally positive, and Baghdad was considered one of the most important Soviet partners in the Arab world....

Japan’s foreign policy approach to Iraq

Japan soon turned its attention to the Middle East. The first Japanese official probably visited Iraq in 1880.  But diplomatic relations between the two countries began in 1939, and in 1939 Japan opened its embassy in Baghdad. The exchange of Ambassadors between the two...

Pakistan’s approach to expanding relations with Iraq

Pakistan-Iraq relations in the past Following Pakistan’s independence from India in 1947, Iraq has been the first Arab country to recognize Pakistan and support it in the Bengal crisis.  Bilateral relations between Iraq and Pakistan, as a result of their presence in different global blocs...

How India views Iraq and important areas of cooperation between the two countries

Past Iraq-India relations: India has had relations with West Asia since prehistoric times. In ancient times, Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley Civilization had thriving trade relations, and the Islamic period expanded civilizational, cultural, and historical ties. The connection of Indian Muslims with Iraq increased...