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Iraqi women after 2003 (Violence’ Incentives, And Empowerment’s Barriers)

Lina Emad Al-Moussawi / Department of Women's Studies - Al-Bayan Center for Planning and studies In March, the international community celebrates women, tracking their most...

Iraqi Society and the Complexities of Federalism

Dr. Sahar Harbi Abdul-Amir/ Senior Political Adviser at the Iraqi Ministry of Education.          The choice of the system of government in any country must...

Elections and the structure of the political system in Iraq… Actor and influencer controversy

Introduction It is self-evident that the democratic political system is formed by institutions on which the powers of the State are distributed through its...

Iraq in World Press Freedom Index 2021

The Press Freedom Index is an annual country ranking carried out by Reporters Without Borders and published based on the organization's assessment of the...

October election… What if it runs on incomplete terms?

The government is working with determination to hold elections by the deadline of 10 October 2021, as a basic commitment, and the President of...

Public relations with Iraqi authorities (legislative, executive, judicial)

Some pieces of the literature suggest that citizens' confidence in a particular system means that there is consistency with their expectations and visions, Citizens...