Some pieces of the literature suggest that citizens’ confidence in a particular system means that there is consistency with their expectations and visions, Citizens who show confidence are more in compliance with the laws, decisions, and initiatives of the authorities, As Francis Fukuyama pointed out in his definition of political confidence, it was an expression of citizens’ satisfaction with the functioning of the Government or political system at a certain period.

Thus, the lack of political trust between the citizen and the Government leads to political and societal disruption, since the confidence process is often linked to the application of laws and compliance with orders. The institutional functioning and overall loss of control are reflected.

The current study aims at identifying the views of individuals on the Iraqi Government, Parliament, and judiciary, as well as at identifying levels of trust in Iraqi society and citizens’ satisfaction with the political system at the legislative, executive and judicial levels, highlighting a comparison of confidence in those authorities, and identifying imbalances to identify its whereabouts and find ways of addressing it.

To achieve the objectives of the study, a scale form was designed that was distributed to websites and took into account the distribution of the population between the Iraqi governorates, the age, and educational levels. The number of participants in the survey was as high as 3226 from various Iraqi governorates.