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The Legitimacy Crisis of Traditional Authority

In a statement on September 29th, Iraq’s highest religious authority, Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, called on Iraqis to vote in the upcoming early elections held...

The Implications of the Coronavirus on the Overall Situation in Iraq

With the spread of the coronavirus globally, many countries around the world face several challenges in the absence of any looming solutions so far....

Muhammad Allawi’s government and international and regional pressures

 Will Muhammad Allawi’s Government be hammered on the anvil of US pressure because of its possible rapprochement with Iran? Although the efforts by Muhammad Tawfiq...

Iraq’s Hesitation to Request the Removal of Foreign Forces from the Country

Dr. Iman Abdel Halim, Researcher at the Diplomatic Center for Strategic Studies, Egypt The killing of the commander of the Quds Force of the Iranian...

Toward a Rescue Program for Convincing Reforms!

After the defeat of ISIS and the rise of people's demands for better living conditions, the political forces are required now, more than ever,...

The debate over Iraqi Kurdistan’s share of the federal budget

“Each side has its narrative, based on history, accumulated grievances and strong sense of entitlement. For now, neither is inclined to settle the conflict...