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Iraq’s Shiites: The difficult choice for the president of the republic

Hamid Redha Ibrahimi / Journalist specializing in the affairs of the Arab world and the Middle East Introduction: The 2021 elections have changed the compass of...

The final results of the Iraqi elections

The Independent High Electoral Commission’s announcement of the final results of the elections on the 30th of November 2021 came to confirm the resolution...

Iraq’s Parliamentary Elections 2021: The Harsh Lessons

The electoral race concluded with a large-scale boycott, and the surprises that occurred were evident among the specialists who know how to deal with...

Parliamentary Elections 2021 in Iraq (Survey)

The current study had been designed to fit multiple segments of Iraqi society, through a survey consisting of nineteen main questions, addressed to 3.026...

Opinion Poll: The aspirations of the Iraqi voters in the 2021 parliamentary elections

The current study is designed to cover multiple segments of Iraqi society through a questionnaire consisting of twenty main questions, asked to (1,770) sample...

Election of Kurdistan Parliament

The 2005 Iraqi Constitution granted the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) a package of legislative and executive powers. Kurdistan Parliament enjoys legislative power to enact...