The current study had been designed to fit multiple segments of Iraqi society, through a survey consisting of nineteen main questions, addressed to 3.026 surveyed and quested individuals, who were randomly accessed through the national telephone book in all governorates, as representatives of the population of Iraq whose number exceeds 40 million people. The sample units or members were proportional at the national level in terms of the proportion of the population in the governorate to the proportion of the selected sample, with a slight discrepancy suggested by the methodology in some governorates.
The total number of calls reached about 4.672 miscellaneous calls. The number of rejected interviews by phone was 246, and the number of busy phones after repeated calls was 623, while the total of switch-off was 745, non-applicable calls (foreigners or under 18) amounted to 32, and the number of completed interviews by phone was 3.026, as shown in the table below:

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