The electoral race concluded with a large-scale boycott, and the surprises that occurred were evident among the specialists who know how to deal with society sensors, before their consultations in the closed rooms.
The Iraqi parliamentary electoral competition resulted in several important factors, indicating profound transformations in Iraqi society, and these transformations should receive the attention of those concerned before they would translate into unimaginable consequences.
Al-Bayan Center for Studies and Planning’s large-scale survey, which was published ten days before the elections, indicated a significant increase in the fortunes of the State of Law coalition,Taqaddam coalition, the independents and the Octoberists, especially Imtedad. While also predicting a significant decline in the fortunes of Al-Fatah coalition and Al-Aqed Al-Watany. The survey also showed clear progress for the Sadrist bloc and Kurdistan Democratic Party, and a decrease in people’s tendency towards Azem. Perhaps the only difference that occurred between the survey and what really occurred was about the coalition of State Forces, and we will explain the reasons below.

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