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The Implications of the Coronavirus on the Overall Situation in Iraq

With the spread of the coronavirus globally, many countries around the world face several challenges in the absence of any looming solutions so far....

The debate over Iraqi Kurdistan’s share of the federal budget

Ahmed Tabaqchali Introduction The current debate over the interpretation of the 2019 budget that governs the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) share of the federal budget in...

Understanding Iraq’s debt: An overview of its status, outlook and origins

Iraq’s massive needs for reconstruction, after more than 35 years of conflict,  cannot be met by current revenues from its considerable hydrocarbon resources alone,...

Iraq’s 2018 Federal Budget: Key features and trends

  Iraq’s parliament finally approved the 2018 federal budget last week after amendments were made by the parliamentary finance committee to the original bill submitted...

Planning for the 2016 budget in iraq

As the final quarter of the year approaches the Budget Office in the Finance Ministry is preparing the framework document which the final budget...

The Increasing Budget Deficit in Iraq

The fall in oil prices in the second half of 2014 came as a surprise to the Iraqi government and this led to several...