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Determining The Nature of Threats in ISIS Sectors Inside Iraq Between the Years (2021-2022)

Shaheen Fawzy- Researcher specializing in counter-terrorism affairs This paper attempts to prepare an analytical tool to assess the nature of the threats that ISIS is...

Turkey’s approach and important goals toward Iraq

After the independence of Iraq, relations between the country and Turkey (with 367 kilometers of the common land border) experienced ups and downs and...

Salafist Extremism Leading to Violence in Iraq (Possible Government Policies)

Haider Abdel-Murshed – Researcher Introduction Iraq - just like the rest of the world - has suffered from extremism, and perhaps the bitter Iraqi experience...

Regulatory framework for disputed areas

Since the fall of the Ba'ath Party regime in 2003, disputed areas, particularly Sinjar, under article No.140 of the Iraqi Constitution, Sinjar has been...

ISIS and its impact on Iraq: an overview

Since the formation of the "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant" or "ISIS" in 2013, Iraq has become the preferred arena for the...