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Tag: domestic violence

Iraqi women after 2003 (Violence’ Incentives, And Empowerment’s Barriers)

Lina Emad Al-Moussawi / Department of Women's Studies - Al-Bayan Center for Planning and studies In March, the international community celebrates women, tracking their most...

The Reality of Women in the Work Environment: Challenges and Opportunities

Ahmed Kudhaer Hussain The social view of working women varies according to the nature of regional, cultural and civil differences, as well as according to...

The economic empowerment of Iraqi women… Challenges, strategic orientations, and initiatives

Poverty, education, health care, and entrepreneurship readings indicate that women are among the most affected by instability in the country, as well as social...

Domestic violence in Iraq in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis

Iraq has taken unprecedented measures against the backdrop of the outbreak of COVID-19, aimed at reducing the movement of people and preventing the rapid...

The Anti-Domestic Violence Bill on the Voting Table

Tuqa Abdul Rahim: Researcher and Civic Activist. Iraqi society has been suffering for decades from the expansion of violence in general.  We see it within...

Iraqi Women: Fears of a New Economic Crisis

The current policies may cause an economic crisis equal to what happened in Lebanon after the sharp drop in oil prices, the budget deficit,...