Ahmed Kudhaer Hussain

The social view of working women varies according to the nature of regional, cultural and civil differences, as well as according to the nature of the changes that have affected the social structure in Iraq over recent decades.

As the social view of the nature of women’s work always carries a lot of rejection and condemnation, and then there are Bedouin values ​​that have moved to the city as a result of socio-cultural crossing, that is: they are still subject to social and sexual discrimination, and not recognized as an independent personality equal with men in the formation of the family and society, not to mention the difficulty of obtaining adequate job opportunities in light of the sluggish economic growth and the exacerbation of security crises.

The Iraqi working woman faces many obstacles and challenges that require more effective steps and measures to eradicate injustice, violence, discrimination, and deprivation of equal opportunities and the desired justice. To achieve higher rates of social and economic participation, as they aspire to fundamentally change the prevailing traditional view of their role in society.

This study seeks to reveal the reality of working women in Iraq during the current stage, the problems facing women in the work environment, and society’s view of them, as well as proposing policies to protect women.

This study adopted the methodology that is based on official numbers, as well as conducting direct interviews with heads (Females) of civil society organizations and educated elites.

LINK: https://www.bayancenter.org/2021/11/7786/