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The education sector gaps in Iraq (Basra as an example)

Dr. Dergham Al-Ajwadi – Administrative deputy governor of Basra Introduction This report was prepared in particular based on the official data of the Planning Department and...

Basra oil Between the magnitude reserves and the waste of resources

Dr.Yahya Hamoud Hassan- university of Basra-college of management and economics Executive Summary: The exportability of Basra oil features international correlations related to the foreign...

The Port Sector in Iraq Between Reality and Challenges

Dr. Adnan Farhan Al-Jourani, Department of Economics/ College of Administration and Economics, University of Basra. Executive Summary: Improving the efficiency of Iraqi ports reduces trade...

Qatari Sports Diplomacy and Lessons That Iraq Can Benefit From

Introduction The use of the concept of sports diplomacy has increased in the past two decades, and it has come to occupy a place within...