This year, Al-Bayan Center for Studies and Planning participated in the annual Sulaymaniyah Forum held at the American University Iraq, Sulaymaniah, amidst a hub of international and regional presence of political, cultural, economic and academic figures and a number of local and international media. The participation of Al-Bayan Center was represented by its CEO Mr. Sajad Nashmi and a number of its staff. This is the Center’s first participation of its kind on a local level.

The forum is aimed at the convergence of different points of view by political and economic figures and decision-makers, researchers and specialists, as well as addressing important issues relating to the circumstances of the region amidst the presence of extremist groups and ways to deal with the sources of terrorism. The Forum also concentrated on post-ISIS conditions and the need to preserve the unity and peaceful coexistence among all the country’s diverse components, as well as the financial crisis experienced in Iraq, discussing economic reform, restructuring of the financial and tax policies and studying ways to accumulate financial revenue not primarily dependent on oil revenues.

During the Forum, Al-Bayan Centre presented some of its recent issues and publications to the participants which received broad interest and reverberation by university professors, researchers and professionals. A number of professionals offered their expertise to the Centre by offering to cooperate with the center in order to prepare and write reputable research studies designated for the decision-maker to choose the best alternatives enabling it to meet challenges and crises by offering different visions and proposals.

Alongside participation in the annual Sulaymaniyah Forum, Al-Bayan Centre met with local economic, cultural and international political figures to discuss several different points of views and means to deal with them, particularly as the forum was of great importance gathering the presence of distinct thinkers and leaders.