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Iraq towards building soft power: gulf cup 25

Imad  Razik omer- college of political science and law at the University of Anbar  With the beginning of 2023 iraq witnessed launching the Arabian gulf cup...

Factors Affecting the Future of Iraq’s Soft Power

Golzar Aghaii-researcher Soft power and hard power (economic and military) are the main sources of governments’ power in international relations. The concept of soft power was...

Soft power and its role in implementing the Iraqi counter-terrorism strategy

Amjad Zain Al-Abidin Tohme - Department of Political Studies at Al-Mustansiriya Center for Arab and International Studies The challenges and threats of non-traditional terrorism facing...

Qatari Sports Diplomacy and Lessons That Iraq Can Benefit From

Introduction The use of the concept of sports diplomacy has increased in the past two decades, and it has come to occupy a place within...