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ISIS and its impact on Iraq: an overview

Since the formation of the "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant" or "ISIS" in 2013, Iraq has become the preferred arena for the...

Will the Region Soon Witness Renewed Kurdish in-Fighting?

Will the region soon witness renewed Kurdish in-fighting as a result of the recent incursions by Turkey? The recent airstrikes by Turkish warplanes against Kurdistan...

The Pursuit of Self-Determination by Iraqi Kurds and Regional Security Implications

Abstract In September 2017, a dispute emerged over the Kurdistan Region of Iraq’s desire to hold a referendum on its independence from Iraq. The Kurds...

The Hidden Threats to Iraq’s National Security

By Ali Ziad al-Ali, researcher specialising in international and strategic affairs. In general, arbitrary or unsystematic threats to national security are a direct menace to...

A strategic vision to defeat daesh

After more than a year of the ‘caliphate’ that daesh has brought to the Middle East, the military campaign continues to progress against an...