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Tag: Independent High Electoral Commission

Minorities in the electoral law: Has the quota been emptied of its content?

Abdulaziz Alawi al-Issawi is an academic and researcher specializing in electoral affairs Countries grant quotas to social groups that they believe will not get what...

Optimal electoral system from the point of view of Iraqis (Opinion poll)

Ahmed Khudair Hussain - Director Department of Social Studies, Al Bayan Center for Studies and Planning. Introduction Iraq has experienced multiple electoral systems in past years,...

Iraq’s electoral systems and party preferences: (The controversy of the recent election law)

Nabeel Jabbar al-Ali - researcher Disputes have returned in Iraq over the content of the electoral law regulating the process of holding parliamentary elections earlier....

The mixed electoral system and the tripartite stability in Iraq

Mustafa Al-Sarai- researcher in political affairs Political pluralism is one of the basic principles of democracy, which believes in a society dominated by the principle...

Multiple constituencies in Iraq: the tribulation passing the first test

Abdulaziz Aliwi Alissawi - Academic and researcher specializing in electoral affairs Introduction More than a year of the early elections in Iraq that took place on...