Ahmed Khudair Hussain – Director Department of Social Studies, Al Bayan Center for Studies and Planning.


Iraq has experienced multiple electoral systems in past years, characterized by some of the problems that accompanied each election cycle; In 2020, the Iraqi Council of Representatives made some amendments to the Electoral Code, including the abolition of the last electoral system, which adopted individual nominations in very small constituencies, and the move towards the restoration of the amended St. Lego system.

Accordingly, the Bayan Center for Studies and Planning conducted an opinion poll, through which it reveals the electoral system favored by the Iraqi public, as well as how likely it is to vote in the upcoming elections.


The case study was designed for multiple segments of Iraqi society through the identification of seven key questions, which were addressed to (654) respondents, who reached them randomly via the national telephone directory (via direct contact according to the national telephone directory of the telecommunications companies Asia Sale, Cork, and Zain) in the governorates (Baghdad, Basra, and Nineveh), as representatives of the inhabitants of the governorates

The survey included a group of 18-year-olds who were legally permitted to vote in the Iraqi governorates. They were contacted by telephone by 3 researchers, who worked from the contact center, and by documenting immediate responses through the electronic form prepared for this purpose.