Abdul Aziz Aliwi Alissawi – An academic and researcher specializing in electoral affairs and democracy studies.
The simplest concept of politics for a first-stage student in a political science major is that politics in short means “the art of the possible.” Since art means a number of human actors that are expressed visually, audio or kinetically in order to communicate ideas, the art of the possible in politics means human activities that lead to the emergence of visual, audio or kinetic actions to express what is in human minds about political attitudes and developments in his State according to the possibilities available. The recent provincial council elections, which produced winners with the opportunity to take the lead in the post-election phase, as well as losers who were unlucky to win paved this up, but this does not mean that they are outside the political equation in which the first foot possesses the mastery of the art of the possible.
First: the post-election political landscape
The 18 December 2023 provincial council elections produced a new political reality in which the language of numbers will play an important role, as seats represent an important criterion for determining which parties will form local governments. However, political understandings about new administrations in the provinces remain the most important because the democratic system in Iraq is indivisible, what is being done at the Centre after each election will be strongly present when talking about the names of the new governors and chairpersons of the provincial councils.
When considering the results announced by the Independent High Electoral Commission, an analysis of the current post-election landscape requires that the following quartet be discontinued:
1. Expected superiority
the “building” alliance is the largest number of seats in the provinces was not unlikely for many reasons, most notably the existence of important and influential political forces in the Alliance, as well as having a stable audience, in addition to its ability to deploy horizontally in Baghdad and the central and southern governorates, So does the State of Law coalition, which is good at dealing with election laws.
And used to be in an advanced position in the order of highest winners, whether in parliamentary or local elections, So are the two alliances of state forces and progress, each of which won seats commensurate with the masses of the two alliances.

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