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An assessment of teaching strategies in the UK and Iraq

Abstract Assessment for learning is an essential part of education. The education authorities in Iraq should consider more extensive use of assessment for learning. However,...

Learning to Realise Education’s Promise

An abridged version of the original World Bank report published in 2018 Overview Schooling is not the same as learning. When delivered well, education cures a...

Strategies toward a world-class higher education system

Iraq’s higher education system can play an important role in fostering long-term economic development, peace and stability if efficient reform and funding policy are...

Private Schools – The solution to Iraq’s Education Crisis?

Sixty per cent of Iraq’s population today is under the age of 25and the country is under pressure to provide educational opportunities for this...

France’s national education system – The expression of a democratic social philosophy

  “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela Long before France came onto its own as a...

Higher education in Iraq and the need for major transformation

By Ahmad Alja’fari, Researcher and Academic, Educational Administration and Policy - University of Buffalo - America When analysing the vocational paths of higher education in...