Wafaa Fawzi -Researcher

Report of the United Nations Development Program in Iraq, presenting the overall landscape of digital maturity in the Iraqi public sector in 41 areas of e-government (Political will and support, coordination, funding model, legal framework, digital data and databases, secure data exchange, digital identity and secure digital signature, digital skills, access to services and awareness, electronic participation and democracy, information security, telecommunications and digital infrastructure, new technologies and innovation, international cooperation).
The report includes definitions of various technology, governance and cybersecurity terms such as 3G, CIRT, CIO, GDP, and e-governance.
The report focuses on assessing the current status of electronic platforms and digital technology in Iraq, including internet penetration, mobile use, social media platforms, and digital infrastructure in general.
The bulk of the report discusses e-government development and digital maturity in Iraq and presents three main themes: rapid integrated assessment, assessment of digital maturity, and assessment of constraints.
It also highlights the importance and necessity of digital transformation that manifested itself during the COVID-19 pandemic and the Government’s efforts to that end. and also refers to several impediments to the unclear objectives and outcomes of the e-government steering committee, Insufficient funding for digital services training programs, and challenges in educational infrastructure in addition, Emphasizes the need for a national portal for electronic services and digital skills development and concludes with nine key recommendations, including the formulation of a long-term strategy for digital government and to manage and coordinate digital government and ensure access to basic ICT infrastructure.

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