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Tag: Discrimination

Political Empowerment of minority women: A field study

Hiyam Ali Al-Merhej - Researcher at Al-Bayan Center for Studies, Department of Women's Studies Introduction  Although minority women are subject to the social equations to which...

Women In Emerging Parties: What Has Changed?

Hiyam Ali - Researcher at Al-Bayan Center - Department of Women’s Studies   The effects of long decades of wars and internal conflicts have been reflected...

Women’s Media: Challenges and ways to cope (Survey)

Dr. Ahmed Khudair Hussein - Director of the Social Studies Department at Al-Bayan Center Introduction: The current survey explains the ongoing problems facing women’s work in...

Iraq’s rank in the Global Women Peace and Security Index 2021-2022

Dr. Bassem Ali Khreisan / Professor at the College of Political Science – University of Baghdad. The WPS Index is published by the Georgetown Institute for...