Dr. Ahmed Khudair Hussein – Director of the Social Studies Department at Al-Bayan Center


The current survey explains the ongoing problems facing women’s work in media organizations, it began with gender discrimination, inequality, harassment, violence, and the dominance of patriarchal traditions, to death threats, due to the deterioration of the security situation, and the absence of official legal guarantees for them in the media institution.

This paper aims to identify the challenges facing women’s work in the media (electronic, visual, and audio), in terms of the violations they are exposed to, such as discrimination against them on the basis of gender in job opportunities and privileges, as well as the levels of sexual harassment verbally, physically and electronically, while covering media news in public places, or within media institutions, and the extent to which they trust a complaint of harassment or gender discrimination, and hold the perpetrator accountable, as well as the risks they face during their work.

Systematic framing:

The current study was designed for a specific segment of Iraqi society in light of the objective of the survey, as it consisted of (13) questions, directed to (123) women working in media institutions in all Iraqi governorates except the Kurdistan region, and reached them in a way (intentional sample), and the survey included the category of women aged (18 years – 61 years), and the form was distributed directly through researchers working in Al-Bayan Center, and others in the Association for the Defense of Journalists’ Rights, as they practiced work by documenting Responses are oral with respondents, and answers were filled out via tablets, and over a period of (30) days for the period from 27/9/2022 to 28/10/2022.


 The results of the survey showed a marked discrepancy in the responses of respondents in (15) governorates in Iraq who answered the following question: In which governorate do you live? Most of them appeared similar to other governorates, except for Baghdad, because it is the capital and occupies the largest weight of the centers of media institutions, and Figure (1) below shows the details of the results.