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Baghdad and Trilogy (Meloni, Macron, Lavrov)

Imad Salah Sheikh Daoud - Professor of Public Policy/Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Court Political Issues/Al-Nahrin University. Has the need-to-gas season started? Introduction: Since the 1960s and...

Notes on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Report

Imad Sheikh Daoud / Professor of Public Policies and Political Systems at the College of Political Science - Al-Nahrain University. The scientific team that prepared...

Dynamic shifts in the global energy market and their impact on oil-rent countries (Iraq)

Mohannad Ahmed Faraj / Imam Al-Kadhum University College. Several signs indicate that the global energy system has begun a process of transformation from total dependence...

Renewable energy and electricity policies in Iraq

Electricity plays an important role in the economic development of most economies in the world. Ensuring their availability and stability is a requirement for...

Towards Sustainable Energy Efficiency in Iraq

Iraq has been facing a severe power crisis since 2003 and is projected to surge in the long run. Efforts so far had been...

Iraq Solar Energy: From Dawn to Dusk

Iraq is facing multiple challenges for harnessing the indigenous energy resources and devising rational energy policy. The recent dramatic fall of oil prices, Iraq’s...