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Jaafar Mohsen Al-Barrak

Researcher at Al-Bayan Center, ENGINEERING SOUTH REFINERIES Company /October 2011 — Present, He holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Basra University / College of Engineering. He holds a diploma in operational and control specialization from the Basra Petroleum Institute in 2010.

From petro-dollar to petro-yuan: Iraq Between Two petrol currencies

The petrodollar is defined as the surplus of oil revenues equal to the dollar of oil-producing countries, that is, the remaining oil sales funds following the payment of the production. The term was first used at the end of the 1970s with rising oil...

When and where will Biden will impact the oil market?

Biden is viewed by oil producers (traditional and Shale oil) with suspicion. He doesn’t miss any occasion without talking about the transition to clean energy and his plans; To reduce carbon emissions from oil, reviewing the numbers of jobs he hopes to achieve under...

Has Iraq Abandoned the Basra-Aqaba Pipeline?

The visit of King Abdullah II of Jordan to Baghdad in January 2019 was an important event and a step forward in the framework of attempts to break the ice on relations between the two neighboring countries, and the first visit of an Arab...

Oil Rations Conflict Between Iraq and Saudi Arabia: India as a Model for Import

According to the latest official statistics by the United Nations, India's population is around 1.39 billion, and by 2027 India is expected to overtake China to become the country with the largest population in the world. The working and middle classes will increase the...

What does Iran do in the Caribbean?

 News is coming quickly about the five Iranian tankers loaded with high-octane gasoline headed towards the Venezuelan coast, Tehran’s trusted ally in Latin America, foretelling a new crisis between Iran and Venezuela and the United States of America on the other. Iran shipped the...