Illiteracy in Iraq is a symptom of underdevelopment. It should be addressed with special attention, in which all material and human resources are making efforts in this area, particularly as it has taken on strategic dimensions that are affected by the political, social, and economic variables of the environment, as well as by Covid-19 pandemic, and given the risks and negative effects of illiteracy on members of society; It places us in the face of crucial choices calling for the building of national plans for the development of the education sector in Iraq.

         This study seeks to uncover the reality of illiteracy in Iraq during the current phase, the problems facing illiteracy in Iraq, and the policies of the Ministry of Education concerning literacy.

         This study adopted a methodology that follows the official figures on illiteracy in terms of the number of literacy centers in Iraq, students at all levels, and teaching staff at literacy centers, as well as direct interviews with decision-makers in the Ministry of Education.