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Economic Velocity – How to sustain growth through economic flexibility and adaptability

Economic Velocity - How to sustain growth through economic flexibility and adaptability: the French model of state interventionism By Catherine Shakdam Given the  very nature of...

Combating Corruption … Using Data Extraction Techniques in e-Government

The term "Big Data" is a broad definition that covers all data relating to institutions and individuals. Data extraction is one way of accessing...

Incentivising the private sector to develop domestic tourism in Iraq

  Domestic tourism - historically - is the primary form of tourism that persists to this today and represents the bulk of global tourism activity....

The Waste Recycling Industry in Iraq – A Proposal to Incentivise Small Businesses

  Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) represent the economic back-bone of developed countries because these entities invest their human resources in a variety of economic...

Proposals for the development of Iraqi Airways based on the Turkish Airlines experience

Iraqi Airways is often criticised for neglect and mismanagement, and for the continued decline in its performance and services. It has become synonymous with...

An Assessment of Electricity Sector Reforms in Iraq

The Iraqi government has begun to privatize the electricity sector amid much skepticism. The issue of privatization has quickly become controversial one among political...