Ruwaida Abbas Abdul Jalil – Researcher

Economic diplomacy has become a key actor among the instruments of diplomacy used by states in their foreign relations, which seeks to guide economic development relations primarily regionally and internationally, redrawing the overall movement that such diplomacy should be and enhancing the effectiveness of its work.
As a result of the integration of the political and economic spheres, the economy has become a major cause of the emergence and development of diplomatic economic relations between States, Which has been used as a means of lobbying and influencing many global events.
At the same time used as a means to promote and empower economic activities and international cooperation, Because of the need to believe in the importance of economic diplomacy in international relations, States are accelerating their efforts to increase the effectiveness of economic diplomacy by holding seminars, conferences and events with the participation of experts and specialists in order to exchange knowledge and experience in order to redefine the priorities and roles of diplomats, ambassadors and diplomatic work in general, in order to keep pace with global economic changes and changes.
Thus, economic diplomacy has become one of the priorities of the State’s economic aspect, to achieve political and economic goals and objectives that go beyond traditional policies and strategies, achieving greater openness, development, and progress in promoting the wealth, resources, and energies of the State to become an opportunity to attract foreign investment, technical and technological knowledge and exchange of experiences to ensure the achievement of economic gains for the State and the consolidation of bilateral or multilateral relations.
From the foregoing, we can ask several questions, including: what is economic diplomacy?
In addition, what tools do you use to get too far and achieve economic goals? Can our country, Iraq, engage in economic diplomacy? In addition, does he have the potential and competencies to help achieve it? What is the role and importance of economic diplomacy in strengthening the Iraqi economy in the future?
Accordingly, this article aims to highlight the importance of the role of economic diplomacy in strengthening the Iraqi economy, ensuring that it keeps pace with regional and international development, examining the most important experiences active in the field of economic diplomacy, as well as analyzing the obstacles that limit the progress of economic diplomacy and the most important proposals to work towards making diplomacy one of the priorities of future development plans and programs.

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