Since 1973, Freedom House has evaluated the state of political and civil rights worldwide, and its Global Freedoms Index is regularly used by policymakers, journalists, academics, activists, and many others.

Freedom House classifies people’s access to political rights and civil liberties in 210 States and territories through its annual Freedom Index. Individual freedoms — ranging from the right to vote to freedom of expression and equality before the law — can be influenced by State or non-State actors.

External analysts assess 210 States and territories, using a range of on-the-ground research, consultations with local focal points, information from news articles, NGOs, GOs, and a variety of other sources, and then expert advisers and regional specialists examine the analysts’ findings.

The final result represents the consensus of analysts, consultants, and Freedom House staff. The World Freedom Index analyses the electoral process, political pluralism, participation, government action, freedom of expression and belief, trade union rights and organizational rights, the rule of law, personal independence, and individual rights.