Violence is one of the social problems facing societies, and the problems of violence are increasing markedly in societies for multiple reasons; Of which: Social, cultural, and economic causes. Domestic violence against women is a complex problem linked to many factors and variables, each of which has a clear role to play; economic and social factors. The seriousness of crimes of domestic violence against women lies in their indirect and most serious consequences for the individuals and society, including unequal power relations within the family in society in general, and the dysfunctional pattern of values; The spread of individual values and negative values that have tarnished family values, corrupted family relations between husbands and wives and between parents and their offspring, and the family has lost its power to control and deter the behavior of its members, which have led to the emergence of many types of violent crimes against women occurring within the family, such as murder, rape, robbery, threats, etc.

Government statistics indicate that one in five Iraqi women is physically abused (14% of them were pregnant at the time). The Iraqi Ministry of Planning has conducted a survey on violence against women in the country, through which we can look at physical violence: 47.9% of Iraqi wives were physically beaten if they walked out of the house without the husband’s permission, 44.3% of Iraqi wives were physically beaten if they violated the husband’s orders, 69.5% of Iraqi wives were ordered not to visit their relatives, these official figures have not occurred since 2012. And today, in conjunction with the pressures on Iraqi families caused by the social isolation of covid-19, indicators of domestic violence are rising at a frightening pace. Women have been subjected to heinous crimes that have shaken Iraqi society. Many cases were covered by the media, the rape of a woman with special needs, suicide caused by domestic violence, murders, wives strangled to death by their husbands, harassment of minors, and other crimes have been recorded. All of the above prompted the United Nations, UNFPA, and UNICEF to urge the Iraqi Parliament to expedite the passage of the law against domestic violence.