Approximately 68% of the Tigris River basin revenues and 97% of the ‎Euphrates River revenues flow in from outside Iraq (Turkey, Syria and Iran). ‎As a result of the evolution use of water in those countries (by irrigation and ‎storage projects), with the absence of mutual agreements that determine each ‎‎`ountry’s share of the water and as Iraq is a downstream position leaves the ‎country in an awkward position due to the negative effects this has on ‎countries located in an upstream position and disturbs their procedures ‎amidst the reality that illustrates that an approximation of only 55% to ‎calculate the available water resources of the total requirements.‎
This shortfall necessitated reconsideration into the adoption of water ‎resources for industrial purposes; including future construction of electrical ‎energy steam power plants, as they mainly rely on river water to complete ‎the cooling process. Additionally, future lower water levels in rivers below ‎the average levels could influence the work of the recirculation pumps in the ‎water outlet level, which ultimately leads to damaging the pumps because of ‎the phenomenon of cavitation.‎

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