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Tag: Iraq’s Budget

The window for selling foreign currency in Iraq between response and necessity

Ali Abdul Rahim al-Aboudi is a researcher specializing in political economy Synopsis: The reliance of Iraqi decision-makers on a single function to sell hard currencies according...

Should We Think Again About the Establishment of The Sovereign Fund in Iraq?

Ali Abdel Rahim Al-Aboudi - Researcher in political economy. Executive summary: At the present time, savings and investment funds account for the largest proportion of sovereign...

The Role of Iraqi Banks in Financing “Small” Projects

Diana Hisham Jassem/researcher. Executive Summary: Official institutions in Iraq did not agree on a comprehensive definition of the subject of classifying “small” and medium enterprises,...

Prospects for Economic Reform in Iraq

Dr. Muhannad Hamid Mahidi/University of Anbar. Executive Summary: There is shortsightedness in the Iraqi state, as its intervention in economic life through expansionary fiscal policy has...

The role of international organizations in supporting Iraq’s reforms in the White Paper

Dr. Lujain Mustafa Ismail/ Ministry of Planning. Executive summary: The Iraqi economy reflects its heavy dependence on its oil sector over the course of many years,...