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The Public and Hidden Prospects of “The Partnership for Infrastructure and Global Investment”

The 2015-2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is one of the most important plans that seek to save the world from the deterioration that it...

The G7 Summit “Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment” Initiative Contents and Directions

Muthanna Faiq Marei - Professor of Political Science and International Studies at the College of Political Science - University of Tikrit There is no doubt...

The Pedagogical and Educational Reality in Iraq… Challenges and Confrontation Options

Dr. Firas Jassem Moussa – Researcher Introduction: The pedagogical and educational reality in public education in Iraq faces many challenges and problems in the various pedagogical...

Iraq’s rank in Intellectual Capital Index 2020

The Intellectual Capital Index measures the cost of spending to research and development to start a business, spending on education (% of GDP), number...

Private Schools – The solution to Iraq’s Education Crisis?

Sixty per cent of Iraq’s population today is under the age of 25and the country is under pressure to provide educational opportunities for this...

Efficient On-Street Parking Controls – Key to Urban Traffic Management

Statistics show that the private car, when measured against the space it occupies, as the most costly and extravagant mode of transport from land...