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Youth Employment Policies in Iraq: Community Bribery or Practical Need

Mustafa Al-Sarai - Department of Political Studies at the Bayan Center for Studies and Planning Hiam Ali Al-Marhaj - Department of Women's Studies at Al-Ban...

Iraq population (The inevitable path, possible opportunity, and the limited responses)

Ali abdalameer Alkabee - Professor of Demography and Population Studies, University of Baghdad Introduction With the beginning of thinking about leaving the idea of natural geographical...

Towards an Effective National Employment Policy in Iraq: a reading of employment policies

Dr. Hussein Ahmed Al-Sarhan - Center for Strategic Studies - University of Karbala. Executive summary: The essence of the work is not to absorb...

An Overview on Public Sector Employment/Recruitment Reform in the MENA Region

By Roza Mohammed Abstract: Many countries in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region are going through a transformation in their employment/recruitment and selection practices...