Ahmed Globe Al-Mayahi – Ph.D. student at Tehran University Department of International Relations.

The growing military engagement between Ukraine and the West suggested that Ukraine (or Ukraine with NATO) might one day challenge Russia for the foreseeable future. So the country of great strategic importance to Russia as a buffer state took practical action against this. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022 marks a renewed war on the European continent and a last-ditch attempt to overhaul the Western-led system that has prevailed since the end of the Cold War after Russia was disappointed with the implementation of Security Council resolution 2022, Which was a series of actions taken by Minsk to resolve the situation in Donbas in which Russia announced that it had decided to attack to preserve Ukraine’s territorial integrity.
The attack is the most potent attack from one country against another in Europe since World War II and came two days after Russian President Vladimir Putin recognized the independence of Donetsk and Luhansk. The Russian president justified the attacks by defending them against Ukrainian aggression, ridding Ukraine of Nazism, and disarming Kyiv, which Putin described as a threat to Russia.
There are two views in this regard; on the other hand, NATO has arguably actually weakened itself as a military alliance by including post-Soviet countries that key Western members may not have the political will to defend, even if NATO can build a missile defense system. Ineffective development, Russia’s vast nuclear arsenal, and supersonic missile development continue to ensure a reliable second nuclear strike capability.
Separately some argue that Putin’s repeated complaints about NATO expansion (NATO, 2022) have backfired, with Finland and Sweden now finishing negotiations to join the alliance; Because Russian aggression prompted non-aligned countries to try to unite. Finally, for Russia, Ukraine’s attack means the expansion of a new order in the world, which has been protesting against the world order for years, and in fact, brought the international system into a new era with this attack; That’s why we say: the attack on Ukraine caused a new regime; Because before this attack both NATO and Russia did not confront each other with such force, laws were written, and post-World War II treaties were violated. There has been a gap between the communist world and the capitalist world in the West, and Russia is actively promoting its public demand to change the structure of the world order.
This article confirms that before this war, Russia was complaining about the world order in its data, but with this war, it has virtually challenged the world order. Which America has been its leader before and claimed can only be achieved under American leadership. What are the components of the new world order that emerged due to the war between Russia and Ukraine?
In an interpretative way, this article deals with expanding the concept of Russia Mir (Russian world), expanding the idea of Greater Eurasia in the form of a multi-system world, and challenging the notion of the liberal order and international laws as the foundations of Russia’s new world order.